Braden Tepper

Krueger Middle School

Martin T. Krueger Middle School may be known for being a top-notch environmental school in Indiana, but other things contribute to Krueger's success. At Krueger, many students are challenged with classes that are well above their current grade level. Krueger Middle School is dedicated to setting students up with successful futures. To do that, advanced classes are provided for students who have advanced skills.

Courses offered for pupils in grade seven include advanced science, pre-algebra, humanities and advanced social studies. Those classes are designed to get students ready for their eighth grade year when they'll be taking high school courses. In addition to the high school course offerings, students in eighth grade are provided with higher level classes such as humanities and social studies. Optional classes for eighth graders, like band and chorus, also have advanced groups.

The brainy scholars attending Krueger can also take classes that result in high school credits. The courses are offered both in the classroom and online. Biology, algebra, and environmental science are classes that can be taken directly from a teacher. The online courses include chemistry, geometry, and English Nine. All of those classes would otherwise be taken in high school for credits.

The advanced high school classes have been offered at Krueger for seven years. Over three-hundred students have left Krueger with at least one credit to date. Two former KMS students are currently working on their college associate's degree in high school.

When asked what her thoughts were on the future of the students who took the advanced courses, the principal of Krueger Middle School, Vera Jones, said, "It gives the students a head start in high school so that in their junior and senior years they can work on their associate's degree in college, which makes your whole college education a lot cheaper in the long-run."

Braden Tepper is a student at Krueger Middle School. In the Middle is a regular column produced by MCAS middle school students.

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