'Tenderly' impresses

Shelby Clindaniel

"Tenderly, the Rosemary Clooney Musical" at the Canterbury Summer Theatre is the furthest thing from a disappointment. The show is a tribute to Rosemary Clooney and is set in 1968, where Clooney has flashbacks to different times in her life that made her who she was. The musical, directed by Joy Feller, stars Rosemary Clooney, played by Rebecca Hayes; and a plethora of parts, some of which include Rosemary’s family and musical icons, is played by Jesse Kortus.

Every part of the entire show was done wonderfully. The two-person cast did a fantastic job with the organization of the performance, and kept the audience focused throughout. Hayes did a beautiful job, no surprise, with the many musical numbers she had to memorize and perform, and Kortus did a remarkable job at playing his many parts throughout the production. Music Director Napat Mingkwanyuen had yet another perfect performance on the keys at the Canterbury.

The costumes were fantastic; Clooney’s dresses were so cute. The lighting, scenes, and sound effects were also very well done. The crew made it seem as if the audience was there during the time. The production was exceptional in itself.

Tenderly is not a show to miss at the Canterbury Summer Theatre. The show runs from July 20 through 30. For more information, including show times, theatre and ticket information, as well as other performances, visit www.canterburytheatre.org or call the box office at 219-874-4269.

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