Can police stop a hoarding husband?

Sgt. Chris Yagelski

Q: I got troubles! My husband is now retired, and he is hoarding things in our yard, home and garage! He “patrols” alleys and garbage dumpsters and just about everything he finds comes home with him. Is there any way that I can get him to stop and remove this stuff?

A: Sorry, there is no legal way to make a competent adult change his or her behavior. If your husband wants to hoard, he can hoard. Alternately, you can consult a variety of resources, perhaps a psychologist or other family members. The City Code Inspector may help with City Ordinance violations or the La Porte County Health Department if your home is in such shape to be a health concern. It is never easy to compel men to get rid of their “stuff.”

Q: I just turned 19 and work for a local restaurant as a waitress. The manager just told me that I can start serving alcohol to customers. My dad is nervous about this and wants to make sure this is legal, and I won’t get into any trouble.

A: It is legal! A 19- or 20-year-old can hold a “restricted license” in Indiana. This license allows you to serve alcoholic beverages in a dining room of a hotel or restaurant. To get this license, you must successfully complete a state server training program with the Excise Police. You must be supervised by a licensed server, and you may not act as a bartender, but you can garnish drinks and uncork and pour wine at tables only. I have only included a few of the restrictions and to find out more you may register for the class or visit the Indiana Excise Police Website.

Q: I was driving by the drop box at Karwick Plaza when I saw an old rocking chair siting outside by the donation box. It was old and had a broken arm. I decided to take it home and fix it since it was damaged. I got home, and my wife yelled at me for taking the chair. Is it illegal to take things from outside of a charity drop box?

A: Of course it’s illegal and shame on you for thinking otherwise. All items dropped off at a drop box or donated to a charity belong to that charity. Theft is the taking of any property with the intent to permanently deprive the business or charity of its value or use. Fix the chair and take it back!

Q: My roommate left her old credit card at my house when she moved out. She still owes me some rent and stuff, so I used it to pay the cable bill for the apartment and I put some gas in my car. My brother told me that this was illegal, and I could be arrested. Is he just lying to me to scare me?

A: Your brother is absolutely right. You cannot justify using someone’s credit card just because they may owe you some money. It is a crime to knowingly use a credit card that has been lost, stolen, canceled, revoked or otherwise unauthorized.

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It is almost Christmas and Marlene promised to take her daughter Heather Christmas shopping on the day before the fourth day after the day after tomorrow. If today is Sunday the 16th, on what day and date will Marlene take Heather shopping?

The 5th correct answer by phone or email at exactly 1 p.m. Friday wins.

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