In the Middle: My Krueger experience

Simara Jenkins

My Krueger experience was very different from my experience at my old school. Krueger was a very big change for me. Coming from a private Montessori school, things weren’t what I was used to. I was used to doing things very hands-on and learning the same thing every year, just in a different way. I went from having straight As to having Bs and Cs and sometimes even Ds.

Still, Krueger was the biggest and best change of my life. I did briefly go to a public school before having been in a private school. However, I was in private school for seven years and I was ready for a change.

When first coming to Krueger it was weird for me, but the people here were very welcoming. I already knew a few people before coming here so it really wasn’t hard finding friends. I really do love being at Krueger, and even though sometimes I want to scream, I still wouldn’t change anything about my decision to come here.

Things at Krueger were way different. I had never used a Chromebook for work before coming here. Also, I have had so many opportunities here, such as writing this article.

Some advice I would give someone going into middle school or switching schools in middle school is to just try your best to make friends, but don’t trust everyone because some people do switch up or are just fake from the beginning. I have learned to keep my circle small, but that is just me.

Some more advice would be to just have fun and live your best life. Be yourself; don’t be what you think other people want you to be. When I came to Krueger I felt like I could finally be myself and people liked me for me.

A little more advice is to be prepared, because when you go to middle school you are going into a lot more work, a lot more classes, and less time. After a while, you will get used to everything that is different from elementary school. Overall, middle school is very fun and full of new memories. I cannot wait to see what high school brings. I am so happy that I came to Krueger and got a real middle school experience!

Simara Jenkins is a student at Krueger Middle School. In the Middle is a regular column produced by MCAS middle school students.


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