Kaitlin Emerick

Michigan City High School

I don't know where some of the seniors would be if it wasn't for the amazing and dedicated MCHS counselors. Our counselors make sure that every senior is taking the right path to achieve the future they are aiming for.

At the end of our junior year, we were all called out by our counselors to go over our requested senior schedule. They discussed our future plans with us, asking questions such as, "are you planning on going to college?" "What schools have you been looking into?" "What are you wanting to attend school for?" even before our senior year our counselors made sure our schedule was preparing us for our future plans. At the beginning of our senior year the counselors started calling us out for our senior checkups.

When I arrived in my counselor's office for my senior checkup, my grades were pulled up and we went over them together to make sure I was sticking to the right track and wasn't sliding down that senioritis slope yet. After my good grades were confirmed, my counselor made sure I had taken my SAT's and ACT's and had signed up to take them for the second time this year. I filled out a paper, stating the colleges I was interested in, and what I was hoping to go to school for.

After my counselor confirmed I had accomplished all I needed to and gave her the information she needed, she went on to give me more advice. She explained what I needed to do in order to make sure I got scholarships and aid from the government. She handed me pamphlets on scholarship information and websites I could use to help me out even more with this confusing process. After walking out of that office I knew everything I needed in order to accomplish the things I was expected to.

The counselor's office also had an admissions counselor from IUSB visit the school recently, we were able to sign up to sit down and speak with her if one was interested in attending the school next fall. When meeting with her, she helped students apply for the school, gave us information on the school and their scholarships, and after meeting with her one was even eligible for a scholarship just for attending the meeting.

If it wasn't for the dedicated counselors at MCHS, I would be completely lost and confused during this scary process. I have already emailed and bugged my counselor multiple times with questions on applications, scholarships, and much more, if my counselor was ever busy, there was always another one there ready to help me with whatever problem I was having.

On behalf of the entire senior class I would like send a huge thank you to the MCHS counselors: Rhonda LaMarr, Judy Kovalcik, Eric Ressler, LaCinda Browning, Aaron Garrett, Theresa Galloway and Linda Meyer.

Kaitlin Emerick is a student at Michigan City High School. City Pride is a regular column produced by MCHS students.

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