Time for some #RandomThoughts.

Great Lakes Grand Prix weekend in Michigan City was just about perfect. Big crowds everywhere for everything, great weather and Michigan City had its arms open wide as we made some new friends and welcomed old ones. That was a textbook showcase weekend. Well done, everybody. #LakefrontDestinationCommunity #MyMichiganCity #FeelTheRumble

I played golf last Sunday for the first time in a year. It's been a busy year. It did not go well. I think I pulled a muscle - everywhere. #Ouch #GettingOld

I'm not going to get excited about the Cubs. I'm not going to get excited about the Cubs. I'm not going to get excited about the Cubs. I'm not going to get excited about the Cubs. #YesYouAre #StopRepeatingYourself #LetsGo

Every night (well, four nights per week) for the last few years my nightly routine has been watching a DVR'd "Daily Show" before my eyes close. What will I ever do now? Thanks for being awesome, Jon, and telling it like it is. #JonVoyage

Caught the first quarter or so of Thursday's Bears preseason opener. I'll say this: Let's hope the Cubs can carry us directly into Blackhawks/Bulls season. #BearDown #Literally

After my wife and I discovered the gender of our soon-to-be family addition, we did some shopping. The bad news: We spent a lot of money. Like, a lot. The good news: This kid has clothes to cover almost every day of her first year of life. #SpoiledAlready #TotallyWorthIt

Every time a major golf tournament comes around these days, I quickly access the first-round scores from my phone and scroll until I see Tiger Woods' name. Then, disappointment sets in. #Done #WhatAShame

Earlier this past week, someone started a Michigan City High School Class of 1998 Facebook page. It was filled with familiar faces and names and was solid entertainment for a few days.The internet is — at times — a wondrous thing. #MyClassIsBetterThanYourClass

Raise your hand if your equal parts excited and terrified for Pine and Washington to become two-way streets? Driving north on Washington and south on Pine will just never feel right, though I'm glad it's finally being done. #NobodySaidProgressWouldBeEasy

High School football is officially back. Aug. 21 is the season opener in Indiana, with Michigan City opening against South Bend Washington at Ames Field. Couple of terrific running backs on that squad in Markice Hurt and Aryuan Cain-Veasey which should make them a must-see all season. #GoWolves

Lastly, today is National Tell a Joke Day. #HorseWalksIntoABar #WhyTheLongFace

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