The interminable march that is the presidential election doesn’t always get to storm through Indiana.

Well, not really, anyway.

Sure, during primary season every four years, there will be a presidential option on your ballot, but usually by the time Indiana’s May primary rolls around, the nominations are all but sewn up.

In 2016, though, Indiana seems to matter — at least a little. Bernie Sanders’ campaign is circling the drain, as Hillary Clinton seems all but certain to be the Democratic nominee.

On the Republican side, though — well, it’s a mess. At the top, there’s Donald Trump, who Republicans barely want to acknowledge. Second option is Ted Cruz, who was this week called “Lucifer in the flesh” by Republican John Boehner, the former Speaker of the House. Then there’s John Kasich, who’s just along for the ride.

Even noted conservative moneybag Charles Koch has recently indicated he may back Hillary.

So, with all that uncertainty, the area is being “treated” to appearances from the candidates. Cruz will be in La Porte this weekend and Trump will have an appearance in South Bend ahead of the Tuesday primary.

The Clintons will be around, too, with appearances slated for Fort Wayne and the Lake County area.

However, this slog toward the White House, which seems to have been ongoing for the last few years, has left me with campaign fatigue.

Much in the same way the buildup toward an event like the NFL Draft seems uncompromisingly long, the constant, round-the-clock discussion and dissection of every word, hand movement or blink has left me just wishing the whole thing will be over soon.

At least on the Republican side, that seems unlikely, as they could be headed toward a contested convention. That part could actually be interesting, and an interesting civics lesson for all of us. Count me in the category that just wants to get to that point.

In the meantime, though, Hoosiers at least get to play a role in the process. It’ll be nice to see our state in the national spotlight for something other than trying to prevent people from getting married and denying people basic rights.

Of course, this upcoming primary isn’t all about the White House. Important primaries are being held for crucial county government spots. Much like Michigan City, it’s a crucial time for the county, and it’s important to get the right people in important posts to ensure positive progress. Hopefully, being a part of the presidential race will drive people to the polls and we’ll experience a good turnout.

If only one good thing comes out of this protracted grind toward becoming the leader of the free world, hopefully it’s that a large number of people vote.

Contact Managing Editor Adam Parkhouse at or 1-219-214-4170.


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