Ask a Cop: When will you arrest my ex-boyfriend?

Sgt. Chris Yagelski

Q: I filed a police report for theft against my ex-boyfriend who took property from my apartment. The officer stated that he filed the case with the Prosecutor, but how long does it take for him to be arrested? Is it just up to the Prosecutor?

A: A person is not automatically arrested just because you make a complaint. There are several steps involved in making a criminal case and arrest. The La Porte County Prosecutor’s office after a thorough investigation or based on facts of the case report filed by the officer, authorizes a criminal complaint and presents it to a judge. The court (presiding Judge) then determines if there is enough probable cause and issues an arrest warrant. The police then receive the warrant from the court and have the responsibility to find and arrest the defendant.

Q: I live on 8th Street close to the casino and my wife and I wanted to open a used car lot on my property next to our house. I called the State of Indiana and they told me I had to get approval locally. I was told it was against the zoning ordinance because I was in a residential area. Who decides what can be zoned where? Is there a way this can be changed?

A: Zoning ordinances regulate and restrict the use of land and structures for appropriate matters such as residential, commercial and industrial uses within the corporate limits in the city of Michigan City. Zoning ordinances are created and modified through actions of the BZA (Board of Zoning). You would need to apply for a “Special Use Variance” in which you may inquire or pick up a packet at the Planning Department in City Hall.

Q: I am from Canada, where I recently was divorced from my estranged husband who was stalking me, had battered me when we were married, and has vowed to never let me go! I am so upset and afraid that I have moved to Michigan City to stay with my sister and her family. Before I left and when my divorce was final, I obtained a Protective Order from Canada and I want to know if it is valid here or do I have to get a new one?

A: No, you do not need to obtain another one. Indiana law 35-46-1-20 allows law enforcement officers to enforce all foreign protective or restraining orders. Make sure you have a certified copy of this order in your possession.

Q: Does the Michigan City police record telephone calls made to the department? Someone was driving crazy and we thought they were sick or drunk, so my wife called the police to report them. She gave what she thought was the make and license plate but when we got home she was very upset because she thinks she gave you the wrong plate number by mistake. Is there a way you can check?

A: Yes, we record all incoming calls. They are recorded so that they can be played back if clarification is needed and occasionally are used as evidence in court cases. We verify all information given before we accuse anyone of a crime because mistakes are made unintentionally when people are upset or nervous. No verbal warning is given that the calls are recorded as this would obviously cause delay in any emergency situation.

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