The holidays are about spending time with your family, thanking everyone who has changed your life, and on Christmas, giving to the people you love. With Christmas around the corner, more and more people are going out and shopping for their loved ones. But too many times, shopping affects the spirit of the holidays.

It was just Thanksgiving a couple of weeks ago. Thanksgiving is supposed to be about being thankful for what you have and not wanting anything more. But if you are thankful for what you have and don't want anything else, why do we have such long Christmas lists?

Also, "Black Friday" is now starting earlier than ever. More and more stores are starting to open on Thanksgiving and making their employees work on Thanksgiving when they should be spending time with their families. I don't think that stores should open on Thanksgiving because it takes away from family time. I mean, if you start your sales at 8 at night or something like that, I get it because most families have gone back to their own homes and are relaxing. But if you start Black Friday sales at 2 on Thanksgiving Day, how are people going to spend time with their families?

One solution is not "celebrating" Black Friday. You could just stay home and spend time with your family instead, making memories. After all, Thanksgiving and Christmas aren't about shopping or getting the best deals on temporary objects. They're about spending time with your loved ones and maybe even getting to know new members of your family.

Family is forever, objects are temporary.

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