It's Easter weekend and spring is finally here; time for some #RandomThoughts

This column will be free of thoughts on the Religious Freedom bill. #You'reWelcome

I wish the weather would make up it's mind already. Cold one day, balmy the next. I know complaining about the weather in Northwest Indiana is a futile effort, but it's still bothersome. #HardToPlease

Friday afternoon, I got a call from a neighbor explaining that our new dog, Rocko, had made his way on to the roof after breaking through a screen upstairs. N-D sports writer Aaron McKrell said it would be a funnier story if his name was Fiddler. (Rocko is OK, by the way.) #FiddlerOnTheRoof

I haven't looked at my bracket in two weeks. Yeah, it was that bad. #BracketBusted #VirginiaLetMeDown #WhyDidIHaveFaithInVirginia

The Cubs open the season tonight on national television at Wrigley Field. I can't help it. I'm excited. I know I shouldn't be and they'll ultimately let me down, but I'm excited for this season. #InTheoWeTrust

By the way, Cubs fans, get over the Kris Bryant thing already. Yes, it's dumb that he'll be in the minors for a couple weeks. But he'll be here soon enough. #Relax

I've now watched four of the eight films that were nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. Yes, I'm really late catching up this year. Of the four I've seen, "Birdman" is my least favorite. #HowDidThatWin #WhatWasWithThatEnding

There were good turnouts at the recent League of Women Voters forums for both mayor and city council candidates. Hopefully that turnout will continue when the polls open May 5. #RockTheVote

For the record, and despite what my bracket says, I'm taking Kentucky over Wisconsin, Duke over Michigan State, Duke over Kentucky. Yes, I know by the time you read this, the Final Four games will have ended, so I could look very foolish right now. But I'm going to assume that I, instead, look brilliant. #YouShouldPickTheOpposite

The best thing about the weather finally breaking is golf season is upon us. I vow to play more this year. I also vow to break 100 for the first time in my life. #NeverGonnaHappen

Thursday, The N-D will host the annual Taste of Home Cooking School event at Blue Chip Casino. Still some tickets left, so stop down to 422 Franklin St., Suite B, and pick a couple up. They're $10 ($12 at the door) or $8 with a canned good, which will be donated to Salvation Army's Food Bank. #LearnToCook

Lastly, Monday will mark 13 years since Tabitha McWilliams took the biggest risk of her life, saying "I do" and changing her last name to Parkhouse. Every day I'm so unbelievably thankful she took that risk. I don't how she's put up with me this long. #TheWomanIsASaint

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