Canterbury Summer Theatre's latest production, "Don't Dress For Dinner," would best be described as a hot mess.

Directed by David Graham, this six-person performance is set in the early 1970s, in Jacqueline and Bernard's country home in Paris.

Bernard (played by Bryan Charles) invites his mistress over for a romantic evening while his wife, Jacqueline (Rebecca Hayes), is out of town. When Bernard uses the alibi of not being able join her because his friend will be spending the weekend with him, Jacqueline decides she does not need to go out of town anymore.

Little does Bernard know his wife is also having an affair – with his best friend and best man of his wedding.

When Jacqueline decides to stay home due to Robert's appearance, Bernard must think of something quick before his mistress, Susanne (Allison Day), shows up.

When Suzette (Sarah Wisterman) arrives, Robert (Jake Stempel) answers the door thinking she is Susanne, Bernard's mistress, when really she is a hired cook. Thus, the confusion begins.

George (Ron Popp) ends the two-hour long performance with yet another twist.

Wisterman crushes her performance. Her French accent throughout the entire production will leave you thinking she came to perform straight from Paris. She has the whole room filled with laughter every time she steps on the stage.

There is no wasting time in getting to the plot in this performance. It starts off with a twist right away, and just when you think you have it figured out, you stand corrected.

You will not leave the small theater disappointed. As soon as the performance tones down, you leave for an intermission break, and then it starts right back into the chaos.

Overall, Graham's direction of "Don't Dress For Dinner" is all-around hysterical and well done.

I suggest everyone in the Northwest Indiana area find time to see the performance, which runs through Saturday.

For more information, visit or call the Mainstreet Theatre box office at 219-874-4269.

Shelby Clindaniel is a communication major and sociology and organizational leadership minor at Purdue University North Central. She can be reached at

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