The time for talk about deflated footballs and lack of talk from Marshawn Lynch is over.

After two weeks of hoopla, Super Bowl XLIX will finally be played today, in the 49th playing of an event that has quickly become a national holiday of sorts.

Today, it's estimated that somwhwere around 170 million people worldwide will tune in to a football game, many of whom haven't watched a football game of any kind in about a year, since Super Bowl XLVIII.

Generally speaking, I marvel at the age in which we live. What we're able to do in terms of treating disease and the steps we've taken with space exploration, for instance, are truly remarkable accomplishments.

But I'm not convinced that our technological age is all good. Earlier this week, the Super Bowl commercial for was placed online, and the uproar was so intense and instant that the site pulled the controversial ad from the Super Bowl lineup.

Budweiser also posted one of its Super Bowl spots this week, draing the opposite reaction.

For many, the ads are a significant draw of Super Bowl Sunday. At every party I've ever been to, there's a segment of the crowd that talks during the game but hushes during the breaks.

Now, by kickoff, many of the ads will already have been seen by a significant portion of the public. These are ads and spots that advertisers paid huge money for, so I'm not sure of the advantage of leaking the spots early. They make more money than I do, though, so we'll leave that to them.

Not to get too deep in a Super Bowl Sunday column, but I feel like this is indicative of a society that has left itself very little room for surprise. Think about it, when was the last time you were truly surprised, in a good way? It probably doesn't happen as often as it used to, for people of a certain age.

My wife and I talk about this all the time with regard to having children. Though we've not yet been blessed with a child, we often wonder — when the time comes — if we'd want to know the gender prior to birth. We've decided — for now, at least — that we do not. The reason is very simple: There just are very few surprises any more in this world. I don't want to spoil one of the last few genuine chances I have to be surprised.

So, Super Bowl Sunday is losing its luster for me a bit this year. The ads will be a bit more stale, and I don't have any rooting interest at all (I'm indifferent to both squads).

I'm sure today will be fun and memorable in its own way. But barring a Katy Perry wardrobe malfunction, not quite as much as Super Bowl Sundays past.

Oh yeah, for the record: Seattle 26, New England 24.

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