Sgt. Chris Yagelski

Sgt. Chris Yagelski

Q: I am confused because I did not want to "cry wolf." What guidelines would you suggest for calling 911?

I got a "smart" response from a dispatcher because I waited 30 minutes to report something I thought "looked" suspicious. I thought I did OK and gave a complete and thorough description of the man after he broke into my neighbor's car.

This made me think, how does "Joe Public" know when and when not to call the police?

A: Good question. My suggestion is to call whenever in doubt, or when you get that suspicious "feeling" to call the police. I would rather see a proactive response than a hesitant one.

For example, if someone is standing in your neighbor's backyard at 3 a.m., don't wait until he breaks into the shed or tries to steal their car. Call right away and have the police on their way.

Our 911 dispatchers are very good at what they do, so stay on the phone with them and give continual updates on movements, descriptions and possible involved vehicles or others.

Q: I was at a local bar when a fight broke out between two guys. It got pretty nasty and the police were called. They arrested the guy who had been sitting next to me. The police began asking me a bunch of questions, but I really did not want to get involved. It wasn't my fight.

What exactly are my rights as a witness to a bar fight? Do I have to give the police a statement? Do I have to speak to them at all? What happens if I just flat out lie to an officer?

A: Criminal investigations are taken seriously by the police and we strive to get as much accurate information as we can to complete a report. Yes, you must cooperate with the police as far as a statement, however, you do not have to give your Social Security number if you wish.

You may not give false information, as this is impeding a criminal investigation and you can be criminally charged.

Q: I just got out of the Army and served as an M.P. Can you tell me when you start accepting applications for becoming a police officer?

A: First of all, thank you for serving. We accept application all year long but normally test just once a year to create an eligibility list. Fortunately for you and other interested applicants our testing date is March 21.

Feel free to stop by our front desk and get an application, or download one from our website,

This week's riddle

The winner of the $30 gift card sponsored by Wrights Flowers of Michigan City was Sandy Galinowski of Michigan City.

Last column's riddle asked how much each flower cost? The answer was, each tulip costs $1, and each daisy costs 50 cents.

This week's riddle is sponsored by the Exchangettes. The winner will receive a $30 gas card.

Detective Francisco Rodriguez and Detective Andy Hynek from the Michigan City Fugitive Apprehension Street Team arrested a burglar from Chicago. Detective Tom Severs from Chicago Police arrested one of our Ten Most Wanted felons.

They both are driving the suspects to each other's department and decide to leave at the exact same time and exchange prisoners when they meet.

Rodriguez and Hynek leave Michigan City and are driving to Chicago at 60 mph. Severs leaves Chicago and is driving to Michigan City at 65 mph. Which one will be closer to Michigan City when they meet?

The sixth correct answer by phone or email at exactly 1 p.m. Friday wins.

To answer a question, or to ask one, contact Sgt. Chris Yagelski at 219-873-1461, ext. 333 or email

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