Q: I have been driving for over 10 years and regrettably I just got my first speeding ticket and I truly am guilty! My question is, do the police automatically turn this into my insurance company? I want to pay it right away, but I don’t want my husband to find out or our rates to go up.

A: Actually, the police do not turn anything into insurance companies. If you admit or are found guilty of speeding, your insurance company can find out this information from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

There is a way to have this ticket deferred from prosecution along with other moving violations. This is called the “Prosecutor Deferral Program.” There are two levels of deferral in La Porte County. The first level is speeding 22 mph and less or one other moving violation. If you qualify, then you pay $170 to the Prosecutor’s Office. You are then placed on “probation” for six months in which you cannot have any criminal arrests or any other moving violations for this period. If you don’t, then the ticket is dismissed and nothing else happens and it is not reported to the BMV or anyone else, and your husband will never know! The second level is for speeds of 23-35 mph or two moving violations. This level costs $220 and you are on probation for 12 months.

There are exceptions to the deferral program:

n The ticket must not be associated with an accident or criminal charges.

n You cannot have a CDL License.

n You cannot have a probationary license.

Q: Does the city attorney give free legal advice to residents of Michigan City?

A: No. Michigan City, as well as other cities, do not provide legal advice to residents. The city attorney handles all the city’s legal obligations, including preparing and reviewing contracts, ordinance violations and other legal documents. The city attorney is also responsible for the prosecution of persons who have violated ordinances, and represents the city and its officials in any civil litigation.

Q: I was driving my friends around and my girlfriend threw her empty cup out of the back window. My dad said I was responsible and the police will give me the ticket! I think as long as I didn’t throw it, the police can’t give me a ticket. Who is right?

A: Of course your dad is right! The operator of any vehicle is responsible for the conduct of your passengers and safe operation of the vehicle. This relates to such things as passengers littering from the vehicle; hanging arms, legs, or items out of the vehicle; and/or acting in any disorderly manner.

The winner of last column’s $30 gas card sponsored by our friends at Paris House of Bridal at 728 Franklin in Michigan City was Millie Bearickx of Michigan City. Now for the answer to last column’s riddle of what starts with an “E” ends with an “E” and usually contains one letter? Of course it’s an “Envelope!”

The sponsor for this week’s riddle is Larry Fegaras and staff at Galveston Restaurant in Michigan City! This week’s winner receives a $30 gift certificate!

Larry, the owner of Galveston, has been kidnapped! The kidnapper has tied Larry up and put him in one of four rooms ... each room has a different color door.

The doors are: Red, Orange, Yellow and Blue. Use the clues below to figure out which color belongs to which door and the room where Larry is located.

1. Orange is not on the door to the room where Larry is.

2. Red is on the door to the second room.

3. Larry is in one room to the right of the room with the orange painted on the door.

4. The Blue door is to the left of the room where Larry is.

5. The color yellow is not on the first door.

The 6th correct answer by phone or email at exactly 1 p.m. today wins.

To answer a question or ask one, contact Sgt. Chris Yagelski at 219-873-1461, ext. 1020, or email ASKACOP@emichigancity.com.

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