'First Date' is laugh-a-minute fun

Shelby Clindaniel

Canterbury Summer Theatre’s newest performance First Date is a laugh a minute! This adult-friendly musical, directed by Rebecca Hayes, portrays a couple’s first date, where their subconscious friends, family, and even social media are giving their two cents toward the date’s success. Aaron (Joseph Alvey) and Casey’s (Christie Coran) first date is set in a restaurant in New York City.

Alvey, Coran, and all of the subconscious parts were enjoyable to watch, and worked well together. The subconscious parts were played by Jesse Kortus, Rachel Paul, Clara Flaherty, and Earnest Roberts. One of my favorite subconscious parts was Reggie, played by Jesse Kortus; the Bailout songs were absolutely hysterical. The cast sang really well together, and the performance itself was set up very nicely.

The costumes, scenes, props, and music were all fantastic as usual. Napat Mingkwanyuen played the piano throughout the entire performance, and I could not give him the credit he deserves. He played without a mistake. This is a performance I would not miss; it was one of the best I have seen at the Canterbury.

This entertaining musical at the Canterbury Summer Theatre runs through July 16. For more information, including show times, theatre and ticket information, as well as other performances, visit www.canterburytheatre.org or call the box office at 219-874-4269. This show will not disappoint you.

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