Sarah Smith

Michigan City High School

The City Pride articles were first designed to allow students to write about what they are most proud about within our school system.

Over the past year, there have been stories about our great athletes, staff and different programs around the high school. But what I am most proud about is the student body. Michigan City High School generally suffers from a bad reputation and there seems to be a negative connotation when associated with MCHS.

This is completely unfair.

What the general public does not know is Michigan City High School is home to some of the most successful alumni and students from our town.

Michigan City High School offers multitudes of ways to get ahead in life and students are taking advantage of those opportunities. The high school offers Dual Credit and AP classes, allowing students to get a serious jump on college credits. In some circumstances, students have graduated from MCHS and had a whole year of college under their belt before they stepped foot on a college campus.

The students at Michigan City High School come ready to learn and want to excel in the different areas of their life so they work hard in school.

A lot of the students at the high school are student-athletes. These students learn how to budget their time and energy and make sure they complete everything on time. The student-athletes are top-notch students and leaders because they know that they have to make the grades in order to play their sport, so they continually work at what they do.

Another misconception about the students who attend Michigan City High School is that they are rude and kind of scary, but this is so untrue. I have attended MCHS for three years now and some of the students are the nicest, most respectful people I know.

I am very proud to wear the grey and blue and call myself a Michigan City Wolf.

Sarah Smith is a student at Michigan City High School. City Pride is a regular column produced by MCHS students.

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