In the Middle: Resolutions -- Take It Slowly

Emma Schulp

I’m sure most of us made some sort of New Year’s resolution. But since it is mid-February, many of us have also probably changed our minds. But instead of just giving up completely, maybe there is a better way to approach our goals.

Around New Year’s, many people resolve to lose weight. Instead of putting pressure on ourselves to achieve our goal quickly, we can take baby steps. For example, instead of forcing yourself to exercise more than you’re used to, start off slowly and then gradually increase the amount you do. It will get easier!

Losing weight also isn’t just about working out; we can change our diet too. Going on a diet doesn’t have to be miserable, it can actually be a fun and challenging experience.

Instead of going on one of the diets you see on television or in ads, you can start off with something simple. Try cutting some of the sugary drinks out first. That includes juices, sodas and other drinks that contain lots of sugar. Instead of drinking those, you can try simply drinking water or skim milk. If that doesn’t seem to be your thing, you can always try homemade fruit juice.

But what about meals? A lot of our meals contain more sugar and fat than we think they do. Usually, one of the most sugary and unhealthy meals we eat is breakfast. There are better choices of things to eat at breakfast instead of sugary cereal or doughnuts! One of the things we can have for breakfast is a breakfast shake. These shakes can include fruits, vegetables and vitamins. If you aren’t a fan of making your own, you can always pick up a breakfast drink mix from your local grocery store.

Breakfast isn’t the only unhealthy meal we eat; it can also be lunch and dinner as well. Instead of getting fatty meat, attempt to get lean meats instead. Sometimes when people are in a time crunch, they will get fast food. The problem is, most of the time people order something unhealthy at fast food restaurants. Instead of ordering something like a cheeseburger and fries, we can always get something like salad or fish. A very popular fast food restaurant is McDonald's. McDonald’s doesn’t just have unhealthy food, and I know that for a fact. They have very delicious salads, too.

Whether it’s weight loss or something else you resolved to do: Don’t give up. Just remember to take things slowly and set goals for yourself. Don’t think you have to do something super-quickly, just take your time and go by your own pace.

Emma Schulp is a student at Barker Middle School. In the Middle is a regular column produced by MCAS middle school students.

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