In the Middle: Krueger reaches out

Habriah McFerson



On March 8, 60 students from Krueger Middle School were chosen for “Krueger Reaches Out,” a new KMS-wide community service volunteering opportunity for students.

These 60 volunteers were divided into four groups. Twenty students went to Washington Park Zoo, 20 more went to the Elston Y.M.C.A., and a group of 10 ventured to Fried’s Cat Shelter. A final group of 10 went to Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church to help with the food pantry.

The students who arrived at the zoo were excited to be there. When asked what task they had been given during their time there, they replied, “While the alligators were indoors we cleaned up the outdoor enclosure.” They also mentioned chopping up food, sifting sand for the reptile exhibit, and decorating wild cat beds in a riot of different colors.

As for the students at the Y.M.C.A, they were hard at work cleaning. Though they spent the whole day cleaning, they still enjoyed the time that had passed. Many of the students claimed their favorite activity was power washing the lockers and showers! They also tended to the needs of the Wolf Pack gym (also known locally as the Red Devil gym) bleachers. They cleaned them, and each person had their own section to tend to.

The first group at the cat shelter was happy with their trip from the start. Those students were able to hold and feed the orphaned kittens. They also cleaned out the cages and litter boxes. Some students were even privileged enough to administer medicine to the cats with the help of the professionals.

The second group at the food pantry worked in the basement of the church, where they divided into smaller groups. Three in the storage room, three in the back room, and one switching rooms occasionally. The students at the food pantry helped clean and organize, and they were rewarded with coffee and pizza.

It was such a fun experience being able to go out into the community and help out in these different places. Students have said that they enjoyed it more than they thought and that they felt great about helping. We look forward to doing it again.

Habriah McFerson is a student at Krueger Middle School. In the Middle is a regular column produced by MCAS middle school students.

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