Did you see the glorious rainbow Monday evening? My six-year-old granddaughter yelled up to my office, “Omi, you have to look outside!” And there it was. It shimmered. It glowed. It was a glimpse of heaven. It followed a fast-moving storm which produced hail bouncing off of the sidewalks.

While there are not always rainbows following storms, we can still hope for them.

Currently, our world is in a truly frightening storm.

We seem to be on some horrific Ixion’s Wheel, tethered to the mythical spokes shooting flames for eternity. The attacks, not by the Gods but, to my mind, the Godless in London, bear witness; the wheel has been turning with indiscriminate terror and our world seems attached to its frightening consistency.

Here at home, the searing lick of the flames can be felt as well.

The student snatched up by the North Koreans while on a college trip was finally released last week. His family had had no news as to his condition for the entire agonizing time. When his parents were finally able to see their boy; he was comatose and they learned from doctors that he had been in that condition since early on in his captivity. We will probably never know what was done to him, but he was with his family when he died several days after coming home.

Assad’s Russian- and Iran-backed war in Syria against his own people continues to roil in a deadly storm engulfing many of the world’s major players — including the U.S. In a previous column, I referenced the fact that there are so many military flights from so many nations in Syrian airspace; a secured, phone connection between Russia and the U.S. was established to avoid any “unintentional mishaps.” Well, guess what? The Russians have announced, in response to our leveling one of their aircraft that they are “unplugging the phone.” If the situation in Syria isn’t bad enough, it now seems like a disaster of hurricane proportions just waiting to happen.

And our storm-raging political climate produced hail stones of its own. They rained down on a practice session of Republicans getting ready for a charity baseball game with the Democrats. This event is one of the few occasions where the two parties actually come together in common purpose and a fanatic turned it into a hail storm of bullets.

Oh, and lest we forget “Russiagate.” The powerful swirl of Committees, televised hearings and a Special Counsel appointment seems to occupy the vast majority of news coverage. Don’t get me wrong; Russian interference with our election process is extremely important but, why can’t we wait for the process to work and report the findings? Meanwhile, so many other important issues of the day go under-reported or not reported at all.

Yes, there are storms raging. I wonder if you are like me — waiting for a rainbow.

Personal note: Thank you to so many who have contacted me about my missing a few columns. I’m doing better and hope to continue to produce my weekly columns.

Wendy J. Levenfeld is a published novelist, playwright and columnist. Send comments to wendylevenfeld@gmail.com. Visit Wendy’s website at www.wendylevenfeld.com.

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