Ask a Cop: Can I wear a bullet proof vest while hunting?

Sgt. Chris Yagelski

Q: My buddies and I go pheasant hunting on private property which is a total blast! The question is, we tend to have a few beers in the process. Because of this and the fact that they are not very good shots, I was wondering for safety reasons if it is legal for a citizen to buy and wear a bullet proof vest?

A: Yes you can buy and wear a vest. Wearing body armor while conducting lawful activity such as hunting, or paintballing is not illegal. But, In the state of Indiana, wearing body armor while committing or attempting to commit any felony is a Level 6 felony. Last, but not least, it is better to wait and have the beers after the hunt while you tell those "amazing stories!"

Q: If you were to pull someone over for drunk driving, but he was only doing it to rush someone to the hospital, would you still arrest him?

A: Driving drunk to get someone to the hospital is a pretty ignorant idea. You should just call 911 and have paramedics respond to you. By doing something like driving impaired, not only are you putting the injured party at a greater risk, but also putting a lot of other people in danger.

Q: I am 14 and I love hanging out at my boyfriend's house. He is 17. His parents are so nice to me and my parents just want me to break up with him. Can I get into trouble for moving out and in with them?

A: Yep, you sure can! You are 14. As a child you must obey your parents. Running away won't solve anything and can have very negative consequences not only on you but the others that you involve.

Q: Do policemen eat free at local restaurants in Michigan City?

A: Not typically. Many restaurant owners choose to offer meals or discounted meals to officers, firefighters, military, paramedics, etc., yet these are individual choices a business owner makes and there is no hard or fast rule. We enjoy a lot of beverages given to us by businesses or purchased by citizens and it is always appreciated and humbling.

Q: Do you need some sort of consent to take someone's DNA? Say someone is in a public place and, for example, discards gum or a cigarette, can that be collected and tested without consent?

A: The collection of DNA evidence is normally taken by written consent, but there are few absolutes on obtaining it. It's admissibility into a court of law is beyond my area of expertise. Generally, however, discarded items are considered abandoned property and can be collected or tested without someone's consent, but you must also be able to prove that it came directly from that person, so consent should always be obtained.

Q: I was on my way to work on I-94 in the fast lane only going 78 when I was passed on the right-hand side by a vehicle in the middle lane who was definitely going a lot faster than I was. Next thing I know a State Trooper in a pickup truck pulls me over and give me the ticket! I don't think this is fair?

A: Oh, it's pretty fair. "Only going 78" in a 70 is speeding. The explanation of, "Other people speeding worse than I was" doesn't generate much sympathy from a police officer or Jjudge.

The $30 gas card sponsored by The DAV of Michigan City was won by Rita Newman of Michigan City. The correct answer to the riddle of, "what Easter gifts did Susie's children end up with?" was "Peter had the chocolate bunny, Mary had the Jelly Beans, and Paul had the coloring book!"

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