New sculpture

This sculpture, "Owl and Pussycat", is currently on display at Westcott Park in Michigan City.

MICHIGAN CITY — Michigan City Public Arts Committee is excited to announce the installation of a sculpture entitled, "Owl and Pussycat." The sculpture has been placed in the Charles R. Westcott Gateway Park located on the corner of U.S. Highway 12 and Michigan Blvd. in Michigan City. The piece of sculpture "Off the Diet" that was in the park will be installed outside the new Michigan City Park Beach House at the end of this month.

Charles Westcott, was the Director of Elite Youth Center that was located near the park for nearly five decades and provided support and direction to "Charlie's Kids". He was a basketball coach, mentor, friend and father to not only his own children but also to others who needed guidance.

"Owl and Pussycat" is a whimsical steel sculpture created by Beverly Shores artist Richard Kiebdaj. The piece measures approximately 12'x8'x5' and depicts an owl and cat together in a brightly colored sailboat. It pays homage to 19th century writer and artist Edward Lear, best known for his children's limericks and poems, including "The Owl and the Pussycat." Kiebdaj employs his signature "synesthetic" method of vibrant and swirling color to activate all of our senses in "Owl and the Pussycat." Kiebdaj has used this time intensive method of mixing color in many of his works to evoke sounds, smells and textures.

Richard Kiebdaj is a resident of Beverly Shores, Indiana, he has produced sculpture since 1970. He works in several mediums, including carved stone and wood, and cast bronze and steel. His work has been exhibited in Chicago's Lakefront Sculpture Program and at Purdue University-North Central. Recently, he completed a memorial to fallen ironworkers for the Iron Workers Union Hall in Portage, Indiana.

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