Sgt. Chris Yagelski

Sgt. Chris Yagelski

Q: I bought blue fog lights from a local auto parts store and got pulled over by the police who told me they are against the law. How can an auto parts store sell you illegal parts?

A: I doubt that there are very many auto parts that are illegal. What you do with them might be. For example selling colored lights are legal, turning them on while driving is not. You may not use red or blue lights on the front of a vehicle while driving in Indiana as this is reserved only for emergency vehicles.

Q: I'm curious, my friends and I were pulled over by a police officer and another police car parked right next to him as he wrote me a ticket. They both had on their lights and this was so embarrassing, why does it take two?

A: Police Officers do not know the driver or the occupants of a vehicle when stopped. They could be a nice family or a murderous robbing crew. If there are other officers nearby they stop to check or help. Until criminals start wearing signs that clearly identify themselves, police officers will always back each other up on traffic and other calls. It's a "safety thing."

Q: I am confused when I drive behind city buses. I always stop and wait while they are loading and unloading people. It never fails someone is always honking behind me. Am I right to stop and wait?

A: Although you are being courteous you are not required to stop or yield to city buses. Under Indiana Law, only school buses with flashing lights with an extended "Stop" arm require all lanes of traffic to stop.

Q: Would it be appropriate to call 911 if a door to door salesman refused to leave your house or property?

A: ABSOLUTELY. A stranger in your home that refuses to leave is a serious concern and possibly a very real threat. Make sure you communicate to the dispatcher that the person is a stranger and not a family member and he is refusing to leave. If you have any level of fear ensure you communicate that as well and remain on the phone with the dispatcher until the police arrive. At the very least it would be criminal trespass.

I urge anyone who does not know the person on their front porch or ringing their doorbell to call the police and have the police "answer their door." If they need help we can offer that and if they have a intent on something else, we can also be there for that.

Let's answer last column's riddle sponsored by D&M Excavating, of what was the hair and dress color of the school girls? Jessica had red hair and a red dress, Lauren was blonde and yellow, Lucy was black and green, and Chloe was brown and blue.

The sponsor for this week's riddle is Kim Sauers and staff at Sauers Ford Lincoln of Michigan City. The winner receives a $30 gas card.

On Tuesday there was a burglary at the Sauers Ford Lincoln office and the police have five suspects named Tony "Big Tuna," Sneaky, Jake, Smoots and Frank.

No two suspects have the same hair color, weight, height, partner's first name or color of shoes.

The suspect who has red hair weighs 140 pounds. Tony is 5-foot 3-inches tall. The culprit has a partner named Hank. The suspect who weighs 150 pounds is not the one who is 5-foot 9-inches tall. The suspect who has a partner named Snake is not the one with blonde hair. Smoots was wearing orange shoes. Frank has black hair. The suspect who has a partner named Lefty weighs 200 pounds. Sneaky weighs 200 pounds and has tan shoes. Everyone wears glasses except for Big Tuna. The suspect who weighs 200 pounds has no hair. Jake has red shoes, brown hair and limps. The suspect who has black hair has a partner named Hank. The suspect who has no hair is not the one who was wearing orange shoes. Can you answer the question, who is the burglar and what color is his hair and who is his partner?

The fourth correct answer by phone or email at exactly 1 p.m. today wins. To answer a question or ask one, contact Sgt. Chris Yagelski at 873-1461, Ext #333, or e-mail

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