It’s Mother’s Day weekend. While I think that my mother and grandmother knew that I celebrated their love and guidance every day; I remember so clearly relishing the one day set aside to tell them just how much I cared.

They were the constant in my life; the strong foundation upon which my character was built, seeding the growth of my values and providing the ever-present, unconditional love that carried me through confusing and troubling times.

Oh, how I wish they were around today to provide some guidance and solace.

Are you as overwhelmed as I am with what seems to be the constantly building, frenzied eddying produced by what is happening within our government? Just this past week alone we have seen major events reported, any one of which would have dominated the news cycles for some time. Their rapid-fire unfolding has created a whirlwind of accusations, speculation and down-right venom.

Let’s summarize just a few.

1. The new healthcare bill passed the House of Representatives. The promised “repeal and replacement of Obamacare” now heads to the Senate. Something so vital to every American has been pushed to the back burner by one after another “breaking story.”

2. Recently fired Sally Yates, former Acting Attorney General, and James Clapper, former Director of National Intelligence, testified before the Senate committee investigating the various “Russian scenarios.” Who met with whom and when? What lies were told privately and publicly. What warnings were given to whom about potential blackmail risks? Was there collusion with the Russians on various issues, most importantly, the illegal tampering with the 2016 election? There is speculation about investigations into the actions of Trump campaign operatives and presidential appointees, and perhaps the president himself.

3. We are apparently going to be ramping up our troop involvement in Afghanistan. Recommendations from his generals and advisors have convinced President Trump to send 3,000-5,000 additional U.S. troops into the battle-torn country. For 16 years, our military has been fighting in Afghanistan. Dare we hope that the generals have it right this time before we lose even one more American in this struggle?

4. The President fired the Director of the FBI, James Comey. While representatives from both sides of the aisle have had occasion to express displeasure with some of Comey’s actions, the timing and reasons given for his dismissal have raised questions about the motive behind the firing. The dreaded “C” word, “cover-up,” is even being bandied about. At the very least the optics coming from this decision are really terrible!

I wish I could talk to them; my mother and grandmother. I try to conjure up the words they would say to calm my troubled thoughts. I think they would tell me on this Mother’s Day to focus on what’s truly important. Hold your family close and cherish every moment together. Stand firm in your beliefs and in your love not only for family but for mankind. And, of course they would end with a kiss on the forehead and a comforting ”everything will be OK.”

Wendy J. Levenfeld is a published novelist, playwright and columnist. Send comments to Visit Wendy’s website at

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