Q: I ran into a very long funeral procession and it made me late for work. Are you allowed to pass through a funeral procession as long as you are careful?

A: No. As a matter of fact I would like to clear up some of the funeral procession questions. All participants of a funeral procession must have their headlights “on,” and identified by a funeral pennant, flag, windshield sticker, or an amber light. As long as there is a lead vehicle or funeral escort, the vehicles in the procession have the right of way at all intersections, and may proceed through cautiously without having to stop, following the preceding vehicle as closely as practical and safe. You may pass a funeral procession on the left side of a multiple lane highway but never through the middle or between funeral procession vehicles.

You cannot misrepresent yourself as a funeral procession vehicle or join a procession for the purpose of obtaining right of way or proceeding through intersections. As my father had taught me, and it's not a bad practice, is to follow some funeral etiquette, pull over, and tip your hat in respect. (He always wore a hat!)

Bottom line is…..Be courteous as no one is in that much of a hurry.

Q: I was in court last week for a jury trial in which the judge read the verdict out loud after the jury came back. How come on TV the judge asks the “foreman of the jury” if they have reached a decision and that person reads it out loud?

A: In Indiana the court can only receive a valid judgment. When the jury has agreed upon a verdict, the verdict sheet must be filled out as instructed and signed by the foreperson and then given to the judge. Because of the possibility of misunderstandings, the judge proofreads the verdict before reading it out loud to prevent any appellate issues.


Q: My divorce was finalized two months ago and I want to change my name back to my maiden name. Is there a time period I have to wait?

A: No there is no time period. In most cases adults ages 18 or older can change their last name at any time by filing a petition to a court in the state of Indiana. Exceptions include inmates; individuals convicted of felonies in the last 10 years and registered sexual or violent offenders. You can also not change your name in an attempt to avoid creditors.

Q: How many inmates are currently on Death Row in Indiana?

A: There are a total of 13. Twelve men await execution on Indiana’s death row in Michigan City. One female also faces the death penalty in Indiana, but is currently being held in Ohio on a separate murder conviction. In Indiana, the death penalty is given only in murder cases that involve rape, robbery, arson, or if the victim is a child or law enforcement officer.

The last execution we had was in December of 2009. None of the current death row inmates have an execution date.

The winner of last column’s $30 gas card sponsored by Holly’s Restaurant and Pub was Meredith Payne of Michigan City. Last column’s riddle of what was the number of correct math answers that Adam solved? Adam solved 10 correct and 16 were wrong.

The sponsor for this week’s riddle is Blue Chip Casino and Event Center in Michigan City. The winner receives $30 gas card.

A tall woman with short blonde hair and a lisp was standing at a table while a man wearing a long brown coat sat on the other side of the table. The man had a drink but did not order any food. The woman took something out of her shoe and put it on her side of the table. The man looked at it carefully but did not touch it. The woman then took something else out of the same shoe and put it on her side of the table, but the man did not look at it. The woman repeated these steps twice more as the man looked confused. The man suddenly looked disgusted and walked away without a word. Where did this happen?

The 9th correct answer by phone or email at exactly 1 p.m. today wins. To answer a question or ask one, contact Sgt. Chris Yagelski at 873-1461, Ext #333, or e-mail ASKACOP@emichigancity.com


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