I still remember every excruciating detail of the horrific event.

“The Bartman Game”, as it’s agonizingly referred to, is etched into the memory of every Cubs fan.

To be fair, I never blamed Steve Bartman for the collapse of the Cubs that year. I didn’t blame Moises Alou, Mark Prior or Alex Gonzalez, either. I blamed my wfie.

You see, with the Cubs a mere few outs from the world series, my wife — whom I love with all my heart to this day, despite the following — decided to sit in another seat just prior to that fateful eighth inning. I warned her of the impending doom her seat change would no doubt have, but she scoffed. I was being silly

The rest, as they say is history.

I recount this story not to force all my fellow Cubs fans to relive this most awful of evenings. I do so to illustrate to you that I can be ridiculously superstitious when it comes to sports.

It’s illogical and ridiculous. I know that.

Of course, I don’t realy blame my wife. But ...

I think of this when I think about what 2014 has looked like on the local sports calendar. Marquette won La Porte County’s first boys basketball state championship in almost 50 years, Oregon-Davis’ girls basketball team (which we cover in partnership with our friends at The La Porte County Herald-Argus) also won a state title, we had an epic Michigan City vs. La Porte boys basketball game for the sectional title and now, for the first time in La Porte County history, two football teams advanced to the semi-state championship.

All this has happened since my move from sports to news here at the N-D. It’s a move I’ve enjoyed, if nothing else to gain new experiences and bring news to you in a different way.

But, the agony of watching our sports department get the opportunity to cover these remarkable events while I sit on the sidelines has been a lot to take.

It also makes me wonder, though: Was I the problem?

Perhaps my mere presence at various contests was somehow affecting the balance of the universe in a way which caused our local teams to not be able to achieve these great things.

There was one Bears season where my father and I were even scared to watch a game together because of the team’s unbelievably awful record when we happened to be in the same room watching the game.

Why do I torture myself with all of this, which clearly doesn’t matter in any measurable way?

I don’t know the answer to that, to be honest.

So, La Porte County sports fans, I realize I wasn’t the problem all these years. Definitely not. Probably not. Well, maybe ...

I’m sorry. Enjoy the games, though!

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