Ryan Solano

Michigan City High School

Recently, Michigan City High School has witnessed an artistic transformation throughout the hallways. In multiple locations around the school, newly painted murals can be found covering the walls. Although other students may have joined in, the inspiration came from digital design teacher, Ms. Ehrhardt.

Being her first year at MCHS, Ehrhardt was shocked at just how bare the school was. It is true, even with the decorated ceiling tiles, the high school was not exactly the most enriching. Ehrhardt is a strong supporter that students should own their school. She believes they should not only have pride for their school, but also be granted the ability to leave their footprint. Ehrhardt thinks students should feel like they belong to the school rather than just passively attending it.

That is why she assigned her classes the task of brightening their environment with their work. Currently, six MC logos have been painted throughout the school. There are plans for more murals going beyond just the high school's logo. Ehrhardt claims, "The reason we did the logos first is because we knew we could do those fast and get a visual impact quickly." Now with the logos completed, her class is currently working to compose more creative, free-form murals surrounding the drinking fountains. In her words, Erhardt describes these as "kinda like a flash mob, but only on a little more gradual spanse of time." Ehrhardt cannot stress enough how proud she is of her students for all the hard work they have put into their hallways.

But Ehrhardt's digital design classes are not the only ones to make their mark. Two other art students were inspired to transform sections of the hallway into masterpieces. Photography student Kaitlin Emerick is in the process of turning the photo lab's outside wall into a tree silhouette. Drawing student, Joanna Warnke, has illustrated a fearsome dragon that appears to be ripping through the wall like paper.

Everyone responsible deserves a round of applause. They have gone above and beyond to create a much more vibrant learning place and their efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Ryan Solano is a student at Michigan City High School. City Pride is a regular column produced by MCHS students.

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