Jack and Phyllis Taylor

Jack and Phyllis Taylor will celebrate 67 years of marriage in October.

MICHIGAN CITY — Jack and Phyllis Taylor will celebrate 67 years of marriage in October. Through both trials and triumph, they have stayed together to see to this feat.

Jack and Phyllis were joined in holy matrimony on Saturday, Oct. 13, 1951, in Jeffersonville, Indiana. They were 19 and 16 years of age, respectfully. Mr. Taylor is the son of the late Walter and Ruby Taylor and Mrs. Taylor, the daughter of the late Leslie Roy and Emma Arnold.

During the early years of their marriage, Mr. Taylor was employed by Warner Gear in Muncie, Indiana, where he recalls making $1 per hour, a lucrative wage at the time. Mr. Taylor later became the Head Greenskeeper at Green Hills Golf Course, also located in Muncie. It was on-grounds to the golf course that Mr. and Mrs. Taylor made their home. For years, Mrs. Taylor manned the kitchen at the Clubhouse; she was also a homemaker to their six children.

In 1978, Mr. and Mrs. Taylor moved to Michigan City, when Mr. Taylor was offered the Head Greenskeeper position at Pottawatomie Country Club, where he tended greens and fairways for 15-plus years. Even in retirement, Mr. Taylor saw to the care of a private three-hole golf course located in Rolling Prairie.

Mr. and Mrs. Taylor have six children: Jackie Benson and her husband Jerry; Betty Deutscher and her husband Roger; Denise Pitrowski; Patricia Johnson and her husband Rick; Jay Taylor and his wife Stephanie; and Ron Taylor.

They have 11 grandchildren: Wendy Walker; Chris Critser; Amy Jarrett; Adam Pitrowski; Sara Pitrowski; Josh Johnson; Patrick Johnson; Michelle Rains; Allison King and Jordan Taylor. One grandson, Jeremy Penrod, is deceased.

They also have 11 great-grandchildren: Karmyn Walker; Dezmon Walker; Bradley Penrod; Trenten Johnson; Dawson Johnson; Caisen Johnson; Dylan Rains; Drew Rains; Ethan King; Grant King and Joseph King.

Mr. and Mrs. Taylor, along with their family, are continuously celebrating throughout the year with several get-togethers and celebrations.

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