MICHIGAN CITY — The Michigan City Redevelopment Commission has approved $10,000 in funding for the creation of an art piece for the Michigan City Area Chamber of Commerce.

The piece will be created in conjunction with the Chamber's centennial celebration. It will also be designed to show the strong manufacturing presence within Michigan City.

"One of the things we thought we could contribute to the city and the corridor down to the lake is an art piece that commemorates the Chamber's 100th anniversary, but also the rich business community and our industrial kind of community that we have here," said Mary Jo Orlowski of the Michigan City Area Chamber of Commerce. "Being a 501C(6) organization, we don't always have the appropriate funding that we need to be able to do extra programming."

The art piece will sit on the corner of Michigan Boulevard and Pine Street and will be created by a local artist.

"We have been working with people from the MAC (Michigan City Public Art Committee), Lubeznik Center and the city. They have been giving us some benchmarking and research and numbers that we think would be appropriate and in line with other art projects done throughout the city," Orlowski said. "We're not going out there alone, we definitely need these partnerships to make it happen."

The Commission did request to see a rendering of the art piece before it was installed onto the property, which is owned by the Chamber.

"It's a beautification project for the gateway to the lake. It's just another addition to what the city is trying to accomplish," Orlowski said.

Orlowski added that the Chamber is requesting the art piece be created with materials that represent Michigan City.

"We're asking that the art piece be made of steel, iron, metal, glass, sand. The kind of industrial materials and the grittiness of what Michigan City represents in terms of manufacturing work," Orlowski said. "We would like that to be a continuous piece right there in the front to go ahead and represent that type of a business history."

The actual size of the art piece that will be installed is still in question, as Orlowski said the exact look and size of the piece will be left up to the local artist who makes the design.

"It would be 4-feet wide," Orlowski said. "The interpretation of size is really going to be cohesive to what the artist would want to see. It would be up to 8-feet tall. We have had Haas and Associates go ahead and do a site plan."

The Redevelopment Commission approved the $10,000 funding request from the Chamber of Commerce unanimously.

"We want it to be beautiful and exciting," Orlowski said. 

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