MICHIGAN CITY — After having functioned as a separate entity for more than 80 years, the town of Pottawattomie Park could merge with the city of Michigan City in 2019 if residents of both places vote in favor of the potential merger in November.

Patrick Donoghue, town attorney for Pottawattomie Park, approached the Michigan City Common Council on Tuesday to let them know he intends to submit a resolution in June that would add to this year’s ballot the option for city residents to vote on the merger.

The referendum would require one vote more than 50 percent in both Pottawattomie Park and Michigan City in order for the merger to get the green light, Donoghue said.

The attorney anticipates his resolution — which will be for the city council’s approval on the referendum vote, not on the merger itself — will not be controversial.

Currently, Pottawattomie Park holds contracts with the Michigan City police and fire departments and uses the Michigan City Department of Water Works; and approximately 20 percent of the township’s households are connected to sewer lines serviced by the Michigan City Sanitary District.

Donoghue said the Pottawattomie Park residents who have talked to him about merging with Michigan City think “it’s old-fashioned” for the two to continue operating separately, and that “it’s time to make a change.”

As far as the Michigan City Common Council is concerned, some city wards may experience redistricting should the township merge with the city. However, Donoghue said he anticipates changes would be minimal as Pottawattomie Park’s population consists of approximately 350 residents in approximately 110 households.

In other business:

• The council approved the appropriation of $200,000 from the Cumulative Channel Maintenance Fund for the purchase and installation of security cameras at Millennium Plaza and along the catwalk in Washington Park.

• A resolution was passed recognizing Safe Harbor’s Michigan City Robotics Team, the Roboblitz, for winning the state championship in April, prior to advancing to the world championship.

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